Creating my complex book cover

Since I started rewriting Aether again and will be posting the first chapter soon on Wattpad, I decided to create my first book cover.

I’ve tried in the past but my skills, while good, take up a lot of time and concentration and my people drawing skills need improving. I’m so use to running on low focus power and multitasking. I can’t do that with drawing. I’m finding that sitting down and working on this book cover though is helping my focus so far.

I noticed that Wattpad had free book covers, however I really just wanted to make my own. Go with something that fits my style more.

So that’s when I started this…

A fraction of a giant and colorful space scene for the Aether book cover.

This is only a fraction of the actual picture. I didn’t want to create something this complex but I really wanted a space scene. Something that looks like it’s from an older book. That’s more of my style. I want to bring back the old ways of story telling when an adventure didn’t require getting turning into a vampire or finding out your a wizard.

Don’t get me wrong, Harry Potter and Twilight are two great highlights of my era! But I feel like the story telling style has changed since these two books.

I’m looking back to J. R. R. Tolkien and his Lord of the Rings style mostly. I’m currently working on trying to find some books at the library so that I can get a better understanding on why that story is so popular.

But at the same time, I don’t want to create a 100% fantasy story with unicorns, elves, and trolls. Well maybe the unicorns but my style is more Supernatural Science fiction with a hint of tragedy. I would love to add horror but that’s a new genera of writing for me.

When I started drawing this new picture, dot by dot by dot, it honestly reminded me of some books I have. I think it was the set with ‘The wind in the door” and “A wrinkle in time”. The book was called “A Swiftly Tilting planet“. I linked the image i’m thinking off to that book title. While I’ll probably not going to go that complex, its nice to have that inspiration.

I anticipate that this is gonna take me all summer. Even then, i’ll have to add something else to the cover. What do you guys think I should add to it when I get my colorful space scene dotted? I do have this weird two headed phoenix in the story, but she/they are not as centered in this book as they are in the following books. Maybe a picture of the earth? I could do that maybe or something else that feels supernatural and sci fi like? Even the title is connected to one specific character, so maybe something centered around this character?

Either way, it looks like i’ll be working on my art skills this summer. Especially the digital side of it. What i’m using now is a Windows 10 app called “Fresh Paint” to do some digital painting. I’m using ink for the dots since I like the way they look more then painted dots. The colorful parts of it were painted and I used a rough texture canvas which really did help to get that star feel to the different colors.

So i’ll leave you guys to it.

I’ll be uploading the new page tonight. WordPress is giving me some trouble so the Linear Algebra page is coming tonight, very late on my Eastern time. It will be ready for you guys to view tomorrow that way.


Leadership worries getting to you too?

Well, as I’ve learned, building a team didn’t work out and me trying to lead a team is something I’ve never done successfully.

I’m a little early to call it but maybe it will all work out next week. I’ll come in Monday, ready to sit down and write to you guys, and i’ll have a message about the robot blueprint plans. You never know…

Right now I am doing some research on trying to build my own blueprints and models. Unity works but it doesn’t give me everything I need in order to build a successful blueprint to follow. It also would help if I knew the actual robot parts and their names that I could work with.

I’m doing a lot of research for this but I still don’t have an answer on how to start a blueprint so that I can demo it on the 30th of this month for 3D printing the parts or find a way to buy them.

I’m doing all of the right things by studying the content and finding out how to do it on my own, but I fail in leadership. I’m an F rated leader. No experience to work with and not sure how to get any.

How do you learn to be a leader anyway? Trial and error is one way. That’s my way. But it’s not the quick way that I need right now. Plus I need people to back me up and be patient with me. [Patience gets you pretty far in my neck of the woods, trust me guys!]

I could watch more videos. I’ve never looked for leadership videos there but I figure they have some. I know Skillshare has some for sure. But how much will this shape me into the leader I need to be? It doesn’t seem like a full fledged attach plan at learning this skill that you either naturally have or don’t.

My problem is that i’m to shy, kind, and get my own feelings hurt easily. I express those feelings a lot in creative writing and it helps with the writing. It’s apart of my writing method, which i’m still working on defining. But the emotions don’t help in anything else. At most, if I am to emotional I can get behind in my work. It’s a fact I’ve proven to myself way to many times to count.

It also doesn’t help that I prefer animals over humans. I read my pets better then my friends and family. I know what they are thinking and what they want, but then again I think we all can do that with our pets. Right now I still have 4 outdoor cats and 1 full time, spoiled, indoor Siamese to care for. Currently looking for a dog to add to the family since my Basset Hound passed over Thanksgiving break last year.

But I think i’m off track here. Another flaw I guess.

I think I can come to one conclusion though. I shouldn’t worry about these flaws I have. I shouldn’t worry if i’m too kind, shy, socially awkward and don’t communicate well with others, cry a lot when i’m stressed and upset, a hermit (more or less), weird, creative to the point my ideas are not logical, i’m to innocent to understand, I’m to dumb to learn since I don’t use proper terms and ask a lot of questions, run off topic in speech and text, that i’m someone who learns by doing and can’t fully by reading text books, and that i’m a woman in technology pursing something that most won’t dare to dream or try.

Yes, those are all the flaws I, myself, think I have and few I know that others think about me. Some are good and other’s I worry about. Like the “dumb” one. I ask a lot of questions in class and work. Most of the time the answers are obvious and I know them. I just want confirmation is all that I understand what is happening. I get weird looks and some will make smart ass comments suggesting that I should know the answer. I know i’m not dumb. I’m just as smart as everyone else, I just work differently in my own brain. But in terms of leadership, how do you over come something like this? Where other’s don’t truly see you for who you really are?

Either way, it shouldn’t matter if i’m worried about what other’s think or about the flaws I think I have, I shouldn’t worry about them to begin with. I should try to use them to my advantage.

I think being a leader is just being able to dare to do the things that others don’t and that’s exactly what i’m trying to do. I’m daring to address a problem with walkers just by building my robot and the future Blue Hawke company. I’ll pretty much get to play with robots, AI, and technology for the rest of my life!!!

How awesome is that? Especially since i’m planning to publish stories under the pen name Liath LaVerne Hawke? Sounds like a pretty awesome life to me! I can’t wait to graduate from school a year from now because i’m ready finally. I’ve been in college since 2012, going for 2 associates, 4 certificates, and now a Bachelors in computer science studying AI with a creative writing minor. I’ve studied a lot in tech and have had opportunities to glance at other subjects and careers.

My life is awesome whether I succeed at being a leader or not so I shouldn’t worry about it to begin with. I’ve got the skills, I just need to figure out how to use them to my advantage. End of story.

See you guys Monday, unless I find more, unexpected content to post!

Expect new pages and website changes to magically appear over the weekend. I’ll have new Linear Algebra pages up and running sometime. I can’t say for certain on what else i’ll be working on for the Archives.

Found me some creative writing contest to try

I wasn’t expecting to post today but I found this link with some creative writing contest information. Since I will be focusing on this area more over the next few weeks, I feel like this is a good way to start out the writing processes.

Some of my professors day it’s good to enter contest even if you don’t win. I still don’t understand why but I’m guessing it had to do with practice.

I already have a contest in mind but what about you guys? Anyone going to try any?

31 Free Writing Contests: Legitimate Competitions With Cash Prizes

Up coming updates

I wanted to make a separate post about what’s coming up in terms of changes. Nothing to exciting but I thought I owed an explanation to you guys on what i’m planning. It’s mostly new pages, which you guys should get notifications now when I make changes to anything (at least that is what settings tell me), so you shouldn’t miss out on anything I update.

I decided to expand out my creative writing and Fortnite skills so while i’m not going to do much here on the Archives with them, I am putting up separate channels kind of. Not really channels but different places to post more about these topics.

For creative writing, I have a Wattpad account setup so when I make my first official post, i’ll send out a link.

For Fornite, i’m creating a separate Twitter account and posting my best and lucky moments there. No streaming yet. This one is more for fun then anything.

This also leaves me to say that I will be remove the Twitter account for Blue Hawke. I haven’t had any action from it so it’s not benefiting me, nor is it the best idea to just leave it sitting.

Next on the list is Linear Algebra. I know, not a topic that many of you will enjoy but I thought about taking my notes and converting them to a blog post page so that I can study and you guys can get some helpful information if your taking a class in Linear Algebra. I’m think about writing individual pages for different areas like theorems, facts, terms, etc. Simple stuff. I won’t demo this since I’m studying it myself and trying to learn it. I should have the first pages ready to release by Monday. It’s a mini project for me to work on over the weekend.

Also, I’ve been thinking about starting a book list. Books that I plan to read in the near future. Fiction, non-fiction, educational, etc. It’s still an idea but I thought this could be a place where you guys can leave recommendations or tell me if certain books are good to read or not. Mostly i’m planning to read robotics, engineering, and creative writing books over the course of this summer but I do want to add some fictional to the list too.

As far as posts go, I’ve been trying to relate all of them back to Blue Hawke with something i’m doing during my building process of the new robot. I’m hoping to have videos of me actual 3D printing items and testing them over the next few weeks but right now things are slow during the actual planning phase. If you guys have any suggestions on topics that you would like me to cover during this slow era, feel free to comment below.

I’ll make another update Friday about topics that i’m thinking about writing. I don’t want to give to much away considering that surprises always make me feel much better and give me some things to ponder about.

Creating is not always equal

So i’m aware that I missed Monday’s post. Things got in the way to the point where I was up all night doing homework because I was forced to leave school early for a car issue. Turns out it was just a loose gas cap which lucky me that that was all there was but at the same time I missed out writing for you guys and working on the new joint design for the robot i’m building.

And speaking of joints, I never realized how difficult and easy is can be to design something physical. Difficult because I have no idea what i’m doing and i’m not familiar with anything about robotics or engineering. Easy because I’m a creator of stories, software, and well now physical items too. Then again, I could be going about this all wrong too which might explain why it’s so easy for me to sit and draw some new item.

However, I wish story writing was as easy as creating a new joint. It’s not honestly but maybe it’s because stories involve words while creating a new joint requires drawing and modeling. Two different things completely. Drawing a picture can tell a story but its not a real story until someone puts it into words. At least that’s the way I see it.

Drawing a story keeps the content open to interpretation while words kind of sway the interpretation in a direction. I always try to keep my stories as open to interpretations and new meanings as much as possible but that’s the challenge of it.

So long story short, creativity isn’t always equal in every aspect you can use it. Drawing take a different, more visual creativity, while stories which could take visual creativity but mostly take a lot of planning and word picking. At least from my perspective it is. In terms of creating something brand new and physical for a business, it’s the wild west man! I’m still new to creating these physical objects so I don’t know what kind of creativity it even takes yet even though i’m getting it down pretty well.

What about you guys. What kind of creativity do you have? Where do you use your creativity?

Failure does not exist here yet…

As you guys may be aware, I recently released a research survey titled ‘Bot or Not…’.

It wasn’t a complete failure but at the same time it was. I did receive enough response but it was my fault for not viewing the patterns correctly.

I pretty much fumbled over my presentation after the teacher asked me questions that I had not considered. It kind of embarrassed me but at the same time I guess I blinded my self.

That’s always been my problem, I get stuck in my ways and don’t see the real issue that needs solving. I’ve been lucky that it hasn’t affected any of my Blue Hawke projects but it’s weird that it’s always homework related things. Maybe I just don’t understand the concepts enough to apply them? Not the right set of mind?

One thing I want to work on over the summer (besides grammar, stories, robots, description telling) is my focus. Improving that and attempting to remove that blind shell I always put myself in would help me out a lot in school and here at Blue Hawke.

Blue Hawke wise, I think I’ve done a great job focusing on the tasks that need to be done. I’m currently working on a custom joint design idea and I actually came up with something despite me not knowing anything about engineering. So what’s the difference in me working on these designs for Blue Hawke compared to real homework? I don’t know honestly. There is a difference there where I have more creativity and drive to work on the Blue Hawke project but not for homework. Maybe homework is just to narrow in topic for me?

Either way, if I work on my focus and remove those blinds, I think i’ll be able to do just about anything. I think it would also improve my description telling too. I’ve had so many comments about people not understanding what I write in stories, reports, and then I have to repeat what I have to say most of the time. There’s a need for me to retake speech class again I think.

Long story short, that research report for ‘Bot or not…’ wasn’t a failure to me. I learned what I needed to and that was that I was blinded by concentrating on looking at the results one way. I needed to actually sit down and dive deeper into those results which I lacked the time of at the time. I think this is something I will work on over the summer and see if those results for ‘Bot or Not…’ actually had something that I didn’t see.

There are no shortcuts in solving for ‘h’

Yesterday was the first day of class and I immediately regretted retaking this class again after I started homework late last night.

What was the class you ask? Linear algebra…

I’ve taken the class once and passed with a D- but I need to get a higher grade in order for it to count towards my degree. There’s no way around it either. I either have to retake this math class, or calc 2 before I can take anything else.

While class was awesome and everything the teacher stated I understood and I was able to figure in my head, I started the homework and I got stuck on the matrix problems where I have to solve for ‘h’. We didn’t go over these in class so it was difficult for me to picture how to even solve these.

My best learning method is being active so immediately I’m looking up the answer in the back of the book for a different problem and then working backwards to figure that problem out before repeating it on the actual homework.

I think I’m slowly getting it as a result but this method of learning is very slow. Plus there is a lot of division and fraction stuff, which I’m not good at anyway. It leaves me to say that I really need to work on my lower level math skills just to get this problem.

But that’s not all. I also discovered that my weaknesses in writing (creative, research, blog, reports, any writing) is that I tend to tell more then show. Plus my grammar is horrible which didn’t help last semester since it often crippled my story telling in what I meant vs. what my audience was understanding incorrectly.

Plus I learned that I say more words that effect my visual interpretation on my progress. My creative writing teacher often corrected me when I asked him what was good and bad with my story. He wanted me to ask what was clear and unclear. I’ll tell you guys more about this another day!

Still, it shows I have room to grow in math, writing, business, and anything I do. I need both to complete my dreams so it’s not like I can skip these skills or find a way around them. While I exploit shortcuts (good and bad) and figure out how to use or avoid them, there are no shortcuts to writing and mathematics.

If you even try to use a shortcut, it immediately leads you back into the long route that you would have to do anyway. Trust me I tried in math! Doesn’t work either!

For writing, you can’t just write anything down and expect people to understand it. It took me a while to understand why creative writing is considered an art but I get it now. You have to be nit picking about your grammar and word choice. Everything has to fit together like a puzzle and then that puzzle has to fit with another even larger puzzle and so on. At least if you story is apart of a series, like mine.

Bad grammar, bad choice of words that do not fit the characters or others may not understand can effect how well your story is liked. In my case, my grammar was why others misunderstood the meaning and missed the important clues. I am actively learning my grammar now over the summer so that I can become a great author and tell my stories to there fullest. Right now, i’m only 50% at my best.

Math, I have no idea how to evaluate my skills at this but I know I can do it. You can’t take shortcuts in math because shortcuts lead to wrong answers and wrong answers don’t let you pass classes. It’s that simple and yet it’s also that hard. You can live your life without using math but at the same time you can’t. It’s in money, how many objects we buy, what kind of programs I build, my business in terms of financial and building, etc.

I could ramble more but I think you guys have heard me long enough. My point is, if I rely on trying to find shortcuts in writing in math, I will never learn the skills I need in order to complete my dreams. Thanks to my creative writing class, I realize I’ve been trying to find shortcuts in everything I do. I need to stop that. I need to bit down on the grit and just take the shot already. Get it over with. Learn it. Be done and happy and play Fortnite all I want. Hopefully, in the end of it all, I will have learned something from this difficult journey in math and writing. These are skills I’m differently going to need to run Blue Hawke. Also, learning how to take the long route and not the shortcut, will also help me in terms of making sure my technology are built to the best quality.

Lesson learned. I’m ready to solve for ‘h’ in that matrix now!




Making the list

So I just sat down to eat some butter pecan ice cream and chocolate milk in honor of my late grandmother.

Why you ask?

Well, the first meeting for my robot was a success!

I wanted to wait until after today’s meeting before I began to talk about anything. Mostly about what needs to happens next, as far as Blue Hawke and its first robot go. I’ve mostly learned that I need to make a list of things I need in order to create this robot over the summer under the Blue Hawke name. This is my future business after all and I now have help and some funding to accomplish the building task.

I know for a fact, I need an engineer (which is currently pending) and I need a business person about half way through the building process. But what about other resources? Should I write what I already have? If I did that then I could list down all of the resource I found for my hour of learning. Those do have some business and engineering videos/online articles for me to watch and read. Mainly those resources consist of Khan Academy, Udemy, Skillshare, edX, and Udicity. I’ve also earned a free account (thanks to the local library in Bloomington) for (Great resource might I add!)

But I think my adviser wanted more then just those resources. I think I need a list of my parts, their costs (if possible), what kind of experts I will need if I don’t find an engineer this week, where to get robot parts from, a animated or drawing of a real world model with real world parts on it (think those are called blue prints…), and I think that might be it.

This is the task i’m going to defiantly be doing this week, so you guys will get to hear more about it as I make my list.

As far as telling you guys what this robot it, I don’t think I can do that yet since I need patients and all the good stuff like that. Something that definitely needs to be on the list!

What do you guys think? Think i’m missing anything from the list items I need to gather? What would you put down for your acquired and needed resources?

Summer Semester Schedule is here!

So Spring 2019 is finally ending and so with it are all of my difficult moments. You guys won’t believe how how easy and hard this semester way. The classes were easy but it was so difficult to balance all of the content from homework and then keep this blog running.

However, you guys won’t have to wait much longer since i’ll be running the normal scheduled starting next week. I don’t know if i’ll post 3 times a day, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but I do plan to post at Noon Eastern Standard time no matter what. I do have some content ready that is Blue Hawke related. I can say that I will be talking about my experience in the contests that ran though the semester, maybe release the B-start video and the one image from Cheng Wu challenge, and talk about what is coming up for Blue Hawke and what I will be building over the summer.

As far as classes go, I only have to retake Linear Algebra the first 6 weeks and then retake a logic class the second so you guys may get some content in those. BelieveĀ it or not Linear Algebra did come in hand with my robotics course this semester so I’m all to happy to retake this and relearn some forgotten skills I thought I didn’t need. It will be helpful for robot and software building in Blue Hawke. Same with logic I think.

As far as other content goes, I’m not to sure. My goal is to keep it Blue Hawke focused within the topics I’ve chosen to talk about here. As long as it’s related to my future startup, I will talk about it. My only worry is that i’m not sure how much I can talk about yet in terms of product. I have a Kickstart page (maybe a coffee page too) for the product/robot I will be starting over the summer. I’m just not sure if I should talk about it yet and go see some lawyer students in one of the school departs to talk about what I can can’t talk about or if I should wing it. This may come up in a future discussion here on the Archives. We’ll see. For now, i’m actively looking for topics and planning posts so hopefully I have something for you all to enjoy.

Plus maybe a few extra content on how the new robot is coming. We’ll see where that goes too and if my advisers and mentors think its a good idea to post about this.

Anyway, for now. Enjoy the next post!

Bot or not Research

Hey guys,

I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to participate in some research i’m doing for a class project.

I’ve created this survey called ‘Bot or not…’. In it are some quotes and the idea is to guess if a bot said them or a human said them and then give a sentence on how you would reply to it. You do get a score at the end to see how well you did.

I can’t give the whole point behind the research yet (I will around the second week of May though once class is done) but it is pretty beneficial and I would be very thankful if you could take some time to answer this survey.

I do have a whole story about how this came about but can’t tell you guys about it yet. Sorry.

Here’s the link if anyone is interested. I’ll also post this on a page here in the Blue Hawke Archives. This is a google forms but you will remain anonymous throughout the whole survey, there are some background questions but those are 100% option.

Thanks guys!