Business as it is

So a few days a go, I told you guys I was going to talk more about what went on last Tuesday. Basically, I had both B-start and a CeWIT meeting back to back and both were very productive

I had went into the week with questions on how to release survey’s and whither or not I should release my company name or not. I’m not 100% certain about legal stuff (which I will get to talk about in the future once I go through that workshop in January), but after these two meetings I pretty much knew what I had to do.

In B-start, we met at Dimension Mill. Dimension Mill is an entrepreneur heaven more or less. You can rent office space to work out of and they have special level-up meetings too, which one is coming up next Week (I’ll be covering that too eventually). There’s more to it but I’m still figuring this place out and how to use it in this business I’m building. For now, it’s a good place to meet other entrepreneurs, learn new experience, and to meet my mentor since her office is located there as well. The only downside is that it’s not directly on any of the business, I kinda have to walk a block or two to get to a bus stop but it’s better getting home from there at that time of night then in the other places I’ve been to so far.

So back to the workshop, that night’s particular workshop was called “Telling your story”. I knew it would help me describe my company but I wasn’t sure what it was going to be out. Turns out, it was about publishing and getting your company out there when your ready. Couldn’t of been a better time to go through a workshop like this!

I had a lot of questions that night, a few about how I use this blog for my company, my name and if I’m ready to show case that and get known by it, and then just smaller ones about marketing. All were answered! At the end of the session I only had to ask one question which was very good I think.

So basically, I learned that having a blog like this for your company is a good thing. It’s one way to get the word out about new products and other things that are going on, even events. I told you guys before that I was using this site for my company, but that night was the real answer to set that in stone. Basically, what I have here was my company. I had started out doing something I love, which is talking about what I’m learning. Now i’m taking it a step farther by show casing what products i’m trying to develop and allowing you guys to give feedback. Of course, I need to learn how to make things a lot more interesting here but so far things have been going good.

So after the B-start workshop, I think went to Luddy hall for a CeWIT meeting about business as well. They were holding a think tank which was very helpful. Again, most people there have a lot more experience then I do in business. So far I’ve been trying to put the product together but once I do, there is a hell of a lot I need to work on for the business itself. That’s where I need to figure out what comes next after B-start and how much work it’s going to take. Find more help if needed. Another incubator for startups maybe?

Anyway, back to the CeWIT meeting. Think Tank was awesome! I learned a lot about things I needed to look for and I was also able to give some advice about some things I knew (which is surprising, I know). I learned that one of the students there is going to write her business plan using a podcast. She’s got her product ready, she’s now ready to market. I was able to tell her about Patreon which seemed like a good starting point for her to test the market out with her product. We talked a little  more and just hearing her story made me realize that it’s OK to keep you guys in the zone on what is happening. Reveal a little more then what I have been on how i’m doing in building a business. This is what made me want to start writing a lot more about what i’m doing now. In a way both sessions helped me to use this blog a lot more then I was for my company.

Of course, that wasn’t all I learned. I was also suggested to not reveal my company name until I felt ready. Using the blogs name now is ok in fact.

Then there was the name SUCCES which stands for Simple, unexpected, concentrate, credible, emotional, story. Those stood for things I should remember for my writing about my products.

There was a lot of other little notes but I think you guys may have heard enough. Plus I think I got the most important parts down on what I learned, which is that this blog is a good tool. I just need to write better content now that I have a topic for it.

I would appreciate it if you guys would please take a few minutes to answer my product surveys or to like and share my content. I am working on two more survey’s (about pet adoption and communication between deaf and hearing using ASL) and an email list. The email list will be to quickly tell you guys about any new surveys coming out and I may try to add a few features to it. More updates to come Wed.


IU Research Day

Well, as you guys read earlier, I went to IU Research Day held by the IUJUR. Don’t ask for a complete name because I don’t remember it. But, what they do is publish research done by students here on campus. Eventually I may try to publish something but right now I don’t have anything gathered.

This was the first every event for Research Day. It was pretty nice. The provided a light breakfast and then lunch too. There were a total of 4 workshops going on but the catch was I could only go to two because two workshops were going on at the same time. I did pick some pretty good workshops. The first one was a Q&A panel, asking businesses, like Crane, about their research and how it works. I didn’t write a lot done but I did get a few good tips to use in my building business.

Pretty much what I got is that Research events (like today’s) are a pretty good place to go to to find people who want to do research in different areas. It’s good for me because I need to find something to give me at least a half credit to graduate but also good because I get exposed to different areas and that’s basically my business, to work in different areas as needed.

I also learned about a Google data? There was no site given but it’s very similar to google scholars. I will look into this and report back to you guys. It sounded like something where I can gather good data for research results and back up my product ideas. (speaking of wish, the first survey is still available, looking for feedback still) 

Lastly out of this section, I did learn that with the type of work I’m starting in my business, that I may be able to get research grants. I’m looking more into it to verify.

Next session was about going through the undergrad research process Freshmen to Senior. They explained how to get involved here at IU and other universities. It’s almost to late for me since I am a senior but if i’m quick enough I can get into it still. Apparently research is a thing you start in Freshmen year (which I never was a Freshmen) and keep at it until your a Senior. Who knew? I didn’t.

I also wrote done various things for myself. Like where to look for research on campus, how to contact when I find a good lab, and then how to write a very good and convening e-mail (which is very important here at the university). They described the Cox legacy, STARS, and Hutton Honors research programs. I’m thinking about looking into STARS. It seemed more up my alley since it’s all science and math. However, it doesn’t matter where I go I still have to do a research poster. They showed us a resource to learn how to do it and what competitions they have open for these posters. I’m going to try it! I need to get my ass in gear if I want to have something done but still, it sounds fun.

After lunch, they did a keynote about a professor/doctor who was familiar with the research process. Honestly, I didn’t write anything done but it was nice to hear his lecture. It taught me that research isn’t just a way to make something to get money but you’re doing something to help someone out most of the time. Trying to improve something, in a way. Meeting unmet needs as I say. He went way deeper but that was his highlight of the lecture. It’s worth it to do research. My favorite thing was his video about Steve Jobs when he was announcing the first iPhone. It was pretty wild and hard to believe that people never had these before 2007. I didn’t get one until I got into college. I did get a cell phone until I started driving at 17 and that was before 2012. If I heard right, I think they did most of the research without surveys. At least I think that’s a method Apple takes. There was a lot of talk about how Apple wasn’t sure who would buy the first Mac for their own home, I’m guessing the iPhone was questioned very similar and yet it seems like they decided to take a risk and build it. This inspired me to take the risk and build my improved walker, among other things as well. This is something I want to do and I want to continue building things in my own company.

So as you can see, I took a lot out of this. It was very eye opening and has set my mind into motion on what I need to do. I still need to figure out the market research stuff since the survey isn’t pulling in as much data as I need. But i’ll get there some how. Not giving up because I have a grandmother to make proud and people to prove wrong!

Researching for business

So I’m attending IU research day and so far it’s been helpful. It’s made me realize the the company I’m building is research based and that I can apply for research grants in order to get funding to study my new ideas and products.

I’m hoping that I can gain some kind of research position here on campus for credit. That would be very helpful in experience for my company and that one half credit I’m missing for graduation.

I may write another post later about today and what I learned. For now, I just wanted to express my realizations.

First Survey now open!

Just released the first survey! Again it is over walkers and i’m focusing on the issues and finding what is common and what isn’t in those issues.

If you choose to take the survey, then I greatly appreciate it! This will help me start my company sooner and the development for my product.

I will have two more survey’s coming out within the next two weeks!

You can find it here on the page Product Surveys.


Coming Soon to a web page near you…

I know I’ve been lacking in my promises about updating content and outputting new posts but I do have at least 2 planned for this week.

As you guys may be aware, I’m going through B-start, starting my own business more or less and it’s affecting how this blog will be running in the future.

What I’m planning, as I think I’ve stated already, is to release surveys on my new product ideas for my forming company. I’m not ready to release the official name of it but I am ready to share what I’m learning. So what is coming up is more posts about my experience in starting this business. I got inspired to actually write about my business experience because of Tuesday nights B-start event at the new Dimension Mill in Bloomington and also with the CeWiT club event I went right after. I’m going to go more into depth on what happened and why my blog will be more business oriented in one of the two posts coming up this weekend for sure. Don’t want to state everything yet, just want you guys ware of it.

On another note, I hope this helps in forming relationships with you guys as my audience. I’m hoping that you guys will be willing to participate in my surveys. I need the feedback for data proof and I want to know what kind of techy problems you guys have so I can try and fix those things through my company. I am trying to meet unmet needs more or less. I’m hoping to be able to release some kind of rewards in the future through Patreon for the survey’s but for now, since I’m just bringing things up off the ground I can’t promise anything right except that the feedback I get will be used wisely to prove my products will help others and the improve my products.

So with that said, besides that first blog (which is business related), the second blog will be about creative writing. I’ve been inspired based on what my teacher has told me and i’m going to write about my experience as I rewrite my story. In a way, this is my second business that i’m working on. I do plan to publish my stories along with develop my actual company. You guys will get a chance to see both as I progress.

Also, there is a survey coming up this week. I’m releasing it sometime late tomorrow if I don’t get it done tonight. I will say that this is targeted at walkers. I’m working on trying to improve them based on how I saw my own grandmother use her two. I will have her story up on a new page and will announce it to you guys when I get this completed. It’s in progress currently. Just finding the right words for her story is very difficult for me since I want to represent her in the best way as possible. I was going to release this much sooner but I wanted to wait and ask some questions about how to release the survey and the story for it during this weeks B-start workshop. This week’s definitely helped! More to come on that obviously!

Lastly, I’m working on removing the Instagram page and revamping twitter, Facebook, GoFundMe, Patreon, and youtube. I’ve got my topic that I’m going to write about on this blog so I’m working on understanding how to use social media and other media like Patreon and GoFundMe to my advantage without being boring. There may also be small changes to the site. Please be patient with me, if I make any changes, I will eventually talk about them in a post coming shortly after those changes. Don’t want to leave you guys in the dark.

Keep warm guys and I can’t way to hear about your guy’s responses to the upcoming survey if you choose to do so. They are anonymous.

Blog Organization Updates

I don’t know if you guys have noticed but today I did some blog organization. I changed around the categories in the menu and then removed some unneeded blogs that didn’t seem to be needed. I’m trying to focus more on a one or two area and that is what I’m doing in college and also what I’m doing in my research for my business (thanks to B-start). I will be adding a tab for surveys which one should be available soon.

I also updated the new about page that describes my goals and history of this site. I’ve done so many changes to it that I felt like I needed to actually include it. So what do you guys think?

Upcoming updates

I know it’s been a while and that is partly my fault. School got in the way and issues with friends and family too.

I’m going to get straight into business and talk a little about what is coming up. As you guys know, I recently got into B-start. I am working on building my own company and product to sell. I am actually making plans to use this blog and maybe create a new blog or site to do some market research on unmet needs in daily life activities. The first market research I want to conduct is on walkers. I have identified 5 things that my own grandmother has had trouble involving her many walkers and canes. I just need some market research to back it up.

To do this market research. I will probably post more blogs asking for feedback, poll, maybe create a google form, and then uses google analytics as needed. It’s really difficult for me to do the same stuff as the other contestants in B-start since I’m limited money wise. This is where I’m going to turn my goFundMe page and the Patreon page to reflect what I’m doing now in B-start. Hopefully, with any donations that you guys give, I can conduct better market research by releasing ads on Facebook and other social media.

So expect me to be a lot more active in the next few weeks! I’m pretty excited about this since my idea is coming together very quickly. I’m kind of itching to get more involved and one way is to pick this blog back up again. I am trying to make my own model but trying to learn Autocad quickly is not as fun as it sounds. I’m looking for other alternatives to that right now.

Lastly, I am working on a better description on the ‘About’ me section of this site. It’s going to take me a bit to get something together but hopefully, with these changes, the goal of how I need to use this blog for my business will be clearer. Plus you guys get to see the growth too. I’ll probably do more videos on Patreon, showing what I’m doing currently. This isn’t the next official series yet but it’s something for you guys to look forward too while I get my own life together.

On other news, because of my business opportunity just falling into my lap, I’ve decided to not go for the masters. My grades have not really changed much so my GPA is really low and too low to get excepted. I am heartbroken because I blame IU for a lot of it since they did not help me get my life together on track to succeed. I know I am partly to blame too but grief is hard to deal with and doesn’t always give the best results in life.

Expect more to come this week. Can’t promise when but I hope this turns out just as exciting for you guys as it is for me.

Journal 10/17/2018

So here’s a new journal for today. I’ll let you guys listen to the video but just want to mention that I am planning a video for tomorrow. I promise I’ll record it as soon as I get back from class and I may release it too, not sure yet. I also have a few more videos I may try to record tonight and get up sometime between Friday evening and Sunday evening. About 3 videos minimum. Maybe I’ll stick some kind of study video in there about BioInfo or competitive programming.

If you guys have any suggestions or want to talk more on the subjects I mentioned here, feel free to comment below.

Journal 10/13/2018

I probably won’t do descriptions for these journal entries but I figured this would be a good way to get some conversations going, ideas flowing, and maybe get some sparks of thoughts for future videos. plus this keeps me on track with this blog and will allow me to post at least one blog entry a day while I work on other content for you guys. Plus, it will show my growth as I go through B-start and college and enrollment for my masters.

Enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

Since I forgot to talk about it in the video, I’ll mention it here. I did visit the book signing on campus and I won a free book. It’s titled ‘The scholar’s survival manual’ and seems like it’s a book on how to do well in college. I’ll start reading it and then I’ll tell you guys all about it in the future.

Guess Who got into B-start (part 2)

I took the time last night to make this after classes and figured it gave a more in-depth talk about B-start, what I’m planning, what may happen to this blog, and just one more mention about why I ended the series. I’ll let the video do the talking.

Guess who got into b-start!!!

So apparently I was wrong about b-start. I reached out to them and did get an e-mail back and guess who gets there startup starting up!!?? ME!!??

I know who my mentor will be and it all starts next week I believe. I will update on this later with a vid! For now, I have a class to attend!


End of the Fall Semester Series

I haven’t made it official yet but basically, my motivation is low and I’m not sure how many more college videos I can put out as a result. If I do end this series earlier, it’s not the end of the blog. I’ll still post class work videos but I’ll focus on something else.

Thanks for being patient with me guys. I’ll work on the next topic for next time.


Are you Creative [Enough]?

This is very good advice for being creative! I use a lot of this in my writing and a little in coding but I’ve never been able to explain creativity like this.

The Art of Blogging

Would you like to be more creative?

I’m only asking because it’s really not as hard or mysterious as you might think.

One thing that prevents many people from boosting their creativity is the notion that creativity is somehow determined by intelligence. Another is the idea that creative people are born that way.

View original post 535 more words

Campus Transportation

So here’s my rant about on-campus transportation. Not a long post.

There are various ways to get around campus. Mostly I just walk. That’s probably the most popular method but what if you don’t want to walk?

Well, there are always these things:

  • Car
  • Bus
  • Bikes
  • Scooters
  • Skateboards and electric skateboards (those actually exist lol)
  • Homemade devices

These are probably the ones I see the most often.

Personally, I don’t have a car but most students do. If you don’t, like me, then the bus is the way to go although be careful. Buses can be dangerous when you are riding them. I explain some incidences that have happened to me in the video.

Then there is the whole category of bikes, scooters, and other devices. Bikes are popular and scooters are almost up there. Right now there are rental bikes and scooters on campus. The scooters are the latest trend. I’m tempted to try one but I’m afraid I’d fall off lol. Would make a pretty good AFV vid though.

Lastly, if it’s not a bike or scooter then you probably have a skateboard or something you made yourself. I often see an electric skateboard running around on campus every now and then. I don’t know if this person made it or if it was boughten but I think that’s pretty creative and would take skills to ride. there was an electric bike one too and I’ve seen some other weird transportations too. I guess one good thing about living on campus, you learn to get around no matter what the method.